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Wednesday, 7 March 2012
Argan Oil - Liquid Gold For Your Skin and Hair
Topic: Health and Beauty

Argan oil is produced from the Argan tree in Morocco and used in a lot of cosmetics and medical goods. Thanks to its especially small and specific growing region in the Sahara desert Argan oil is one of the rarest oils in the world.

By having a exclusive blend of fatty acids, antioxidant & vitamin E, beauty professionals in the last couple of years have dubbed Argan oil as liquid gold. It has been known to preserve the youth of skin by stopping wrinkles, UV harm & protects the skin from moisture evaporating keeping the skin hydrated & healthy.


Argan Oils Secret


With this expertise pro's have now added this which a number of are now naming 'liquid gold' to hair products it has proved to be a miracle treatment for hair. By being in a position to cease moisture from evaporating it will keep the hair hydrated which will also boost shine and heal any harm/dry sectors.

Vitamin E is a fantastic ingredient to add to hair as it increases oxygen uptake meaning it will enhance the circulation of the scalp and stimulate hair growth. Fatty acids are a key component for healthy skin, hair and nails, in spite of this the body does not generate them meaning it has to be added in.


What Argan Oil is Most Known For


It is known that you could have a fatty acid imbalance, having dry/scaly skin, brittle nails & dry hair is a key factor to having fatty acid imbalance, as it is a key ingredient in Argan oil the fatty acids will really benefit the hair & make it healthier. Fantastic if you find you struggle with your hair, i.e. it's frizzy, dry and split.

The use of Argan oil is exceptionally advised after shampooing & conditioning apply it in towel dried hair before styling, as it's more of a treatment. Although other styling merchandise can still be used. Argan oil for skin will instantly nourish any dry locations, seal split ends & make it less difficult to comb.


Organic Argan Oil is Good For Hair


Argan oil can also prolong colour, as it is applied in the hair it penetrates straight by way of the hair shaft to the cortex where chemical reactions take place, by leaving a protective film inside and outside of the cortex it gathers the water and locks it in developing more moisture as hair is being dried, so any colouring agents will be locked in the hair shaft as well preventing colour loss.

One of the Argan oil benefits is that it is also protecting the outer layer of the hair (the cuticle) any frizziness or fly-aways will be tamed & conveniently managed when it comes to styling the hair. For those with coarse hair the use of Argan oil will make it crop up a lot lighter and softer to touch helping with the styling side as coarse hair, as it might be difficult to look healthy where the cuticle can often be raised, the Argan oil will smooth it down.

Being a hairdressers & seeing countless different hair varieties from day to day, there is not really any one that wont benefit from the use of Argan oil, even for fine hair. The product is so light weight that you can't even feel that it is in inside your hair, with the exception that your hair will feel a lot healthier and with its high count of vitamin E, argan oil will stimulate hair growth.

Posted by argan-oil at 10:29 PM EST

Monday, 11 November 2013 - 8:39 AM EST

Name: "Pura Dor-Argan Oil"
Home Page:

Before purchasing this Argon Oil, did a lot of analysis. In my view AAA has the best top quality, value and client support. They are very reputable-I have purchased other items from them. I have been using this Argon Oil for many years now -Great for my epidermis and locks. Not oily, very moisturising, and as for the fragrance.

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